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Georgia United Credit Union Celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2018

Six Decades of History, Over Sixty Years of Service

On March 27, 1958, Hooper Alexander Elementary School Principal Vernon Carne encouraged six other DeKalb County educators to join him in pledging $5.00 each to form a credit union and apply for a charter with the National Credit Union Administration. The charter of DeKalb County Teachers Federal Credit Union was granted on April 8, 1958.

The next 25 years continued with rapid growth. We grew by an average of more than $1 million in assets every year. In 1983, with $32.6 million in assets, DeKalb County Teachers Federal Credit Union became Georgia Federal Credit Union. This change was made in order to better identify with our members who were not employees in the education field.

In 2010, we made the change from a federal charter to a state charter and changed our name to Georgia United Credit Union. This enabled us to reach residents of entire counties, instead of just specific partner employees.

Debbie Smith was named CEO on December 18, 2013. She has over 30 years of experience in human resources, operations and organizational development. Smith has also been an advocate of the credit union long before she began her work with Georgia United in April of 2002, having served on the Advisory Board for Georgia Federal Credit Union (now known as Georgia United Credit Union).

As we continue to grow, our goal remains to provide our members with a safe and convenient way to bank. We promise to continue to look for new and innovative ways to deliver products and services that compliment today’s lifestyle and that offer more benefits by way of reduced fees, higher returns and lower interest rates.