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  • Chip Card Technology

    Tiny Chip BIG Protection

Chip Card Technology 

Same Access and Convenience, More Fraud Protection  

Georgia United's VISA® Debit, Platinum and Cash Back Cards feature embedded chip technology that offers enhanced protection and security against counterfeit and fraud when used at chip-enabled terminals.The chip security creates a unique code for each transaction making it virtually impossible to counterfeit.

To activate your card or to replace a lost or stolen card call, 866.677.7156.
For more information call 888.493.4328           

See how easy it is to pay at a chip-activated terminal

Global Acceptance:

Enjoy global acceptance. More merchants are accepting chip card transactions every day. Whether you are checking out using chip card technology or swiping your card, you can pay with confidence - wherever VISA Cards are accepted. 

Easy to Use: