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  • For Your Company

    for your company
Offering credit union services is effortless for you and practical for your employees. You will be enhancing your employee benefits package at no cost to your organization, providing your employees with financial stability and having a positive impact on company morale.

Company Benefits & Services

Offering your employees membership with Georgia United Credit Union can:

  • Help employee recruitment and retention
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Provide a benefit employees can use on a daily basis
  • Help your employees with a major concern - their money
  • Doesn't cost you a thing!

Employee Benefits & Services

  • Access to better rates and fewer fees than traditional banks
  • Our free educational seminars to help improve their financial skills
  • Friendly service from a professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Personalized investment information and consultation through MEMBERS Financial Service Center Representatives
  • Georgia United members can invite their immediate family to join!

When your company selects Georgia United as its Credit Union of choice, we’ll take it from there! We’ll assign a dedicated Business Development Officer, who will work to streamline every aspect of the membership process.

We also offer your company the following services at no additional cost: 

  • Free educational seminars and Lunch & Learn* presentations covering a variety of interesting financial topics
  • Onsite information sessions and membership drives
  • Company event participation
  • New hire orientation packets, payroll inserts and presentations
  • Posters that you can display throughout your location(s) and financial articles for your company newsletter
  • A link to Georgia United Credit Union's website on your Intranet

* To set up a Lunch & Learn, enrollment event, membership drive or other event for your company, please contact us at 770-476-6400.