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10 Items to Leave Out of Your Wallet

Keep only what you need in your wallet to protect your personal identity from thieves. Carrying unnecessary items is risky as criminals become more sophisticated and need very little information to commit crime with stolen identities. 

  1. Social Security cards – are a gateway to identity theft.

  2. Birth certificates – make it easy for thieves to impersonate you. Safeguard Your Wallet

  3. Receipts – contain information that can help a thief guess your account number.

  4. Gift cards – are the first thing a thief will use from a stolen wallet. Leave them at home unless you plan to use them.

  5. Extra credit cards – provide thieves more opportunities to steal your money and information.

  6. Blank checks – are easily forged and cashed.

  7. Passports – contain vital information that make it simple for thieves to steal your identity.

  8. Medicare cards – could carry your Social Security number. If so, carry a photocopy and black out the number.

  9. Spare keys – make it too convenient for a thief who has your address to now access your home.

  10. PINs and passwords – give thieves easy access to steal money directly from your accounts and more.

If you are a victim of identity theft, contact Georgia United or visit a branch location immediately.

Don’t forget that you can immediately freeze your debit or credit card through Online Banking or our Mobile App. 


Source: CyberScout