• Pays For A's

    Pays for A's

Georgia United Credit Union is committed to helping our youngest members become proactive self-managers of their money, from the earliest possible age.  

Pays For A's Program

Georgia United rewards academic achievers with cash for outstanding performance. As part of our commitment to supporting students and schools, our program teaches stellar students that hard work really does pay off! It's the perfect starting point to a great financial education, too. Students can learn how to save and set goals.

Here's How It Works 

  • The program is open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Georgia United will deposit $2 into the student's account for every "A" grade earned in the following:

English/Language Arts
Social Studies
Foreign Language

  • Bring a copy of your report card to your nearest Georgia United branch
  • You may submit 2 report cards per academic year, for a maximum of $20.00 per academic year ($10 per report card submitted)
  • Students will have 2 opportunities to submit their report cards (prior to February 28 for the fall/winter semester and no later than June 30 for the spring semester)