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Report a Lost/Stolen Card

If you have misplaced your Georgia United Credit or Debit Card, you can quickly report it or freeze it in order to prevent fraudulent account activity.

How To Report a Lost or Stolen Card and Quickly Freeze Your Account

  1. During normal business hours you can call our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328 or stop by a branch location and we’d be happy to help you. For credit cards issued by HealthCom FCU, please call 866.604.0381.
  2. 24-hours a day, 7-days a week you can log into Online Banking and freeze your card.


  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click 'Cards' in the navigation menu.
  • Select 'Manage Cards.'
  • Select the card you would like to freeze.
  • From the drop-down, choose 'Freeze Card.' Once your card is found, you can unfreeze it following these same steps.

If you suspect fraud or need to order a replacement card, we'll be happy to assist you with this as well. To learn more about ways to identify fraud, visit our Learning Center.


To Order a New Card

Frequently Asked Questions

You can set up alert notifications in Online Banking. On the menu, select ‘Services‘ and click ‘Alerts’. To set up a new alert, click ‘New Alert’. There are several different alert types you can set up:

  • Account alerts – get notified when your balance goes above or below a specified amount
  • History alerts – get notified when credits or debits post to your account
  • Online transaction alerts – get notified when online activity occurs like a funds transfer
For cards, the most common alert type is to get notified when a transaction posts. This can be done by setting up a History alert. Select the transaction type (debit/credit) and transaction amount you want to be notified about. For example, if you only want to know about purchases over $100, you can specify this amount or if you want to know about every transaction, you can choose to get alerts for purchases more than $0.01.