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Make A Payment

Pay your loan at your convenience using one of our simple payment options.

Fast, Convenient Payment Options

Georgia United makes it easy to pay your loan or credit card by offering secure online payment options. Whether you're paying from your credit union account or an account at another financial institution, we have a payment solution for you.


Pay with Online Banking

Log in to your account and make a payment using your Georgia United account or transfer funds to and from other financial institutions.

  • Payments made from your Georgia United account are received immediately
  • Payments from external accounts are received in one business day
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments

Pay with a Debit Card

With QuickPay, make a payment from your non-Georgia United account.

  • Visa, Mastercard or Discover Debit Card accepted
  • Payment received in one business day
  • Not available for mortgage or student loan payments

Pay with Instant Access Telephone Teller

With our 24-hour Instant Access Telephone Teller, access to your accounts is just a call away.

  • Call 800.226.3584 
  • Not available for mortgage or student loan payments

set Up Account Alerts

Stay organized and have peace of mind

Having peace of mind is critical when it comes to your finances. Set up account alerts and we’ll notify you when your due date is approaching and confirm when your payment is posted. Stay in the driver's seat and never miss out on the information that's important to you.


Georgia United's routing number is 261171309.

Funds are transferred by Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  1. The account name
  2. The 9-digit routing number of the financial institution
  3. Account number
  4. The account type. Funds can only be transferred to/from a savings or checking account.

Image below: reference where to find your 9-digit routing number and your account number.

an image of a check

For step-by-step transfer instructions, view our Online Banking user guide.

Yes, Georgia United allows a maximum of $2,500 per day.
No. There is no fee assessed by Georgia United to perform this transaction as long as funds are available in the account. Overdraft/returned item fees may apply, see Share Rates and Fees Schedule for additional fees that may apply.

You will need to contact the other financial institution to verify and confirm the information required for completing the transfer request. You will then need to update the information in the external transfers section of Online Banking.

To cancel your transaction request, select 'Transfers' on the main menu in Online Banking. Click on the transfer you want to cancel under 'Scheduled Transfers' and select 'Delete'.
To cancel a pending transaction, we must receive your request to cancel prior to 2 pm ET on the scheduled transfer date.

You are obligated to have sufficient funds in your account to fund a transaction. If the funds are not available in your account, you may be charged an NSF fee by Georgia United or your other financial institution.

See Share Rates and Fees Schedule for additional information.

No. Georgia United does not attempt the transaction more than once. For recurring transactions, the scheduled transfer will continue to initiate payment on the next scheduled payment date. Payments that are missed will be the member’s responsibility to set up a one-time transaction to cover the missed payment and any additional fees.


If the member authorizes the payment and the start date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will settle the next business day.
Georgia United Credit Union values all their customers. I got help with establishing credit when I had none because I always paid with cash. They help me get a credit card and told me all the ways I could establish good credit. I now have a credit score of 760, own a home and have no debt except the mortgage.
- Dakota D.
We have been members since 1968 and have always been satisfied with the service and the different things we’ve done from buying cars to refinancing mortgages.
- Marion A.
You guys always have great rates and are very helpful when I come to the branch for any financial needs. I would recommend anyone over to you guys.
- Timothy T.
Georgia United has great interest rates for loans. I receive my pay earlier with Georgia United Credit Union than regular banks.
- Zenobia W.
I've been with Georgia United for many years and have availed myself of various opportunities (loans in particular). Regardless of who I've dealt with, I've always been extremely pleased with the service and product. Georgia United has superior rates and very very competent personnel. Why would I go elsewhere for my financial needs? The answer is, "I wouldn't."
- Linda J.
Super easy and fast. Applied for the loan and turn around was immediate.
- John O.
Professional Service! Good rates! My loan officer was given three p's! Prompt, professional, and personable.
- Jerry D.
I have been a satisfied member for over 10 years. All my family are members of Georgia United and I have also recommended friends to become members of Georgia United, due to ease and low interest rates for auto loans, home loans, and personal loans.
- Jacqueline R.
We have been going through you guys for almost 10 years and multiple loans always been a good process.
- Matthew L.
The loan officer was readily available each time I needed to make contact with her. Great experience.
- Deborah P.
Efficient and professional service. Loan applications fast and unencumbered. Customer service oriented staff.
- Mike G.
I have referred others and they have used Georgia United for multiple loans!! The customer service representatives are so responsive and I feel as though two of them are my personal bank reps! I love Georgia United!
- Wendy B.