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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

General FAQs

Based on low participation in our Pays for A’s and Pay it Forward programs, we made the difficult decision to discontinue these programs.

We will continue to invest in our teen members by offering our annual scholarship competition through the Georgia United Foundation and providing educational content to help our teen members develop money management skills. 

Yes, your money is safe with us and insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per member-owned account.


To set up direct deposit, please contact your employer's payroll department. You will need to provide them with the routing number 261171309 and your 13-digit account number, which can be located in Online Banking or the Georgia United Mobile App.

Your member number is your unique identifier at Georgia United. You can locate your member number quickly and securely in Online Banking or the Georgia United Mobile App. Once logged in, click on any product and on the account details screen, select the ‘Details’ tab to view your member number.

You can locate your 13-digit account number securely in Online Banking or the Georgia United Mobile App. Once logged in, click the account tile and on the account details screen, select the ‘Details’ tab to view your account number.

Georgia United's routing number is 261171309.

To quickest way to apply for a new loan or refinance your existing loan is to complete our online loan application. Applications can also be completed by calling 888.493.4328 or scheduling an appointment at a branch location.


You can apply for membership by completing our online application

To open an account for someone under the age of 18, please visit a branch or call us at 888.493.4328. Note that a joint owner must be on the account for children and teens.


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment time, please click the link located below your confirmation number in your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, Georgia United may need to cancel your appointment. 

If the branch closes unexpectedly and we need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you will receive an email communication, phone call and/or text message. 


We are proceeding with the utmost caution and taking additional preventative measures to safely serve members and protect our team members. When you arrive for a scheduled appointment, you can expect:

  • To be asked a brief COVID health questionnaire before entering the branch
  • To be asked to temporarily remove your mask or other facial covering for identification purposes
  • Please leave any food or drink inside your vehicle or dispose of it before entering. We will also be temporarily closing our coffee bars
  • Plexiglass and additional sanitation measures have been added for member and team member safety
  • Restrooms will be unavailable for member use at this time


There are several ways to get your banking done, based on what’s most convenient for you:

  • Bank online. Manage your entire relationship online when you enroll in Online Banking. You'll be able to check your balance, pay bills and transfer funds from your home. See what else you can do with Online Banking.
  • Bank on mobile. Get the convenience of Online Banking on your mobile device—plus you can deposit checks* in a snap. Download the Georgia United Mobile App (Android and iOS) to get started. See what else you can do with Mobile Banking.
  • Bank at the ATM. Check your balance, deposit cash or checks or make a withdrawal at our network of over 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Find one near you.
  • Find a nearby branch. Check our website for branch availability to see if there's another branch nearby.


*Items transmitted using this service are not subject to the funds availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC. Deposits accepted using this service will be available within two business days. Georgia United may make such funds available sooner.

You can securely reorder checks in Online Banking. In your account, go to the 'Services' tab and select 'Check Reorder'. Checks may also be ordered from our Member Care Center, at any of our branch locations or by calling 800.Deluxe1.

Additional FAQs


Updating all the accounts that your old card is linked to can seem overwhelming. Using CardSwap, Georgia United cardholders can update the preferred payment method for your favorite digital services in one centralized location within Online Banking.

Yes! You can pay with the tap of your phone when you add your Georgia United Visa® Card to your digital wallet like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®. Learn more about digital wallet.
Once you've opened your Georgia United Credit Card, transferring your balance is a breeze. Log in to Online Banking and under the 'Transfers and Payments' drop-down, select 'Credit Card Balance Transfer' to submit your request. You can also request a balance transfer by calling our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328 or by visiting a branch location

You can set up alert notifications in Online Banking. On the menu, select ‘Services‘ and click ‘Alerts’. To set up a new alert, click ‘New Alert’. There are several different alert types you can set up:

  • Account alerts – get notified when your balance goes above or below a specified amount
  • History alerts – get notified when credits or debits post to your account
  • Online transaction alerts – get notified when online activity occurs like a funds transfer
For cards, the most common alert type is to get notified when a transaction posts. This can be done by setting up a History alert. Select the transaction type (debit/credit) and transaction amount you want to be notified about. For example, if you only want to know about purchases over $100, you can specify this amount or if you want to know about every transaction, you can choose to get alerts for purchases more than $0.01.
Please contact our Member Care Center 888.493.4328 or stop by a branch location. Select cards can be instantly issued at a Georgia United branch location while others may need to be issued by mail.


Please contact our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328.


If you've misplaced your card, quickly freeze it in Online Banking any time of day, or you can contact our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328 during business hours. To freeze your card:

1. Log in to Online Banking or the Georgia United Mobile App.

2. From the navigation, select 'Cards' and click 'Manage Cards'.

3. Select your card.

4. From the drop-down, choose 'Freeze Card'.

Once your card is found, you can unfreeze it following these same steps.





No. CardSwap is only available for Georgia United Debit and Credit Cards.


Over 40 merchants are supported by CardSwap including big names like Amazon, Audible®, iTunes®, Netflix, Pandora®, Roku®, Spotify®, Target and Uber. For a full list of available service providers, log in to Online Banking, select 'Cards' and click 'CardSwap'.


Courtesy Pay

You can opt-out of Courtesy Pay at any time by completing one of the following:

Yes, overdrafts may not be paid if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits or you have too many overdrafts. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we will not guarantee we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction when there is not enough money available in your checking or designated overdraft protection accounts to cover the item. The account must be brought to a positive balance on or before the 30th day from the date of the initial overdraft item to continue use of this service.


A notice will be mailed (or emailed if you receive E-Statements) if your account has not been brought current within 10 days of using Courtesy Pay. You will continue to receive periodic notices.


Your account should be brought current as soon as possible. In order to avoid interruption of Courtesy Pay service, your account must be brought current within 30 days of initial use.


No, there is no fee to opt-in.


Overdraft Protection uses an existing account or line of credit that you have designated to automatically transfer money from one to the other when you exceed your checking account balance. When that has been exhausted, Courtesy Pay will cover your transaction(s) up to your authorized overdraft limit based on your account activity. It’s another line of defense when overdraft protection is not enough.


Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service that is available just in case you need it. There is no cost to you unless you use the service, and it will only be used as a last line of defense after Overdraft Protection has been exhausted.


There is no cost unless the service is used. When an item is covered into overdraft using Courtesy Pay, a $35 fee may be charged for each presentment. Using Courtesy Pay may be more costly than other overdraft payment options we may offer.



You can update your email address in Online Banking by:

  • Selecting 'Settings' in the top navigation
  • Click on 'Update Personal Information'
  • Select 'Physical Address' to update your contact information
E-Statements are available online for the last 24 months. If you need to view a statement older than 24 months, please contact our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328.


You will receive an email notification.


Mobile Deposit

To deposit a check for Mobile Deposit, you must write "For Mobile Deposit at Georgia United" along with your signature on the back of the check. Checks submitted without both of these items may be delayed or returned.

Yes. Your limits are displayed on the Mobile Deposit screen.

Deposits accepted using the Mobile Deposit service will be available within two business days. Business days are Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays.

If we have reason to doubt the collectability of the check submitted, we may delay the availability of funds for a reasonable period. In such cases, we will notify you of this action.

We recommend that you mark your check as submitted and retain your check for 10 days after the deposit is posted to your account. 

Person-to-Person Pay

Your account will be debited at the same time the recipient submits their information and chooses to have the funds delivered via debit card. If recipients choose to receive funds directly to their account and submit their information before 5 pm EST, your account will be debited the same day. If the recipient submits their information after 5 pm EST, your account will be debited on the next business day. 

You can send money to anyone in the United States with a checking or savings account at any bank or credit union.

The recipient will receive funds immediately if they choose debit card as their delivery method. Recipients who submit their account information and routing number before 5pm EST can expect deposits the next day. If they submit their information after 5 pm EST, the funds will be deposited the second business day after the payment is accepted.

To receive funds by debit card, the recipient will need to provide their debit card number and expiration date. To receive funds directly to their account, the recipient will need to provide their checking or savings account number and routing number. 

If the recipient does not respond correctly after three attempts, the process of sending funds will not begin. You will be alerted by your preference of email or text if this occurs. 

Once the recipient has answered the security question correctly and entered their information to claim funds, they are no longer required to answer a security question for future payments – unless you change the question and/or answer.

There is no fee to use the service. Overdraft/returned item fees may apply, see Share Rates and Fees ScheduleShare Rates and Fees Schedule for additional fees that may apply.

Payment will be cancelled if the recipient does not claim funds within seven calendar days. 


Georgia United P2P Pay is accepted by many debit networks including Accel, CULIANCE® (formerly CU24), NYCE, Plus, Shazam and Star. To confirm a debit card can accept the funds sent, check the back of your card for one of these network logos.


Shred Events

Effective January 1, 2022, Georgia United will no longer offer free paper shredding events. Although we have hosted these events for many years, the rising costs and scheduling challenges during the pandemic have caused us to discontinue this service.

The best way to reduce the risk of identity theft or your information falling into the wrong hands is to go paperless and enroll in E-Statements. This free service allows you to receive your member statements securely in Online Banking.

We encourage you to google “free shred events” or contact your county’s waste management service for similar services in your area.


If you've completed two skips within a rolling 12-month period, you won't be eligible to request another skip until one year after the date of your first skip; however, if you are experiencing extreme hardship, we may be able to help. We can do a full financial review to see how Georgia United can assist you in your time of need. Please email us your name, contact information and a description of your situation and we will reach out to you with more details.


Yes. Once you are approved to skip your payment, you will also need to cancel or postpone any automatic payments to your loan for that month.


Yes, a $25 fee is charged each time a payment is skipped.


You may complete two skips per rolling 12-month period; however, you may not skip two consecutive months. 

Transfers & Payments

No. Georgia United does not attempt the transaction more than once. The Georgia United account will be charged an “ACH Transfer Return Item Fee” for returned transfers. For recurring transactions, the scheduled transfer will continue to initiate payment on the next scheduled payment date. Payments that are missed will be the member’s responsibility to set up a one-time transaction to cover the missed payment and any additional fees.


You are obligated to have sufficient funds in your account to fund a transaction. If the funds are not available in your account, check with your other financial institution on their non-sufficient fund (NSF) policy.


No. There is no fee from Georgia United to perform this transaction as long as funds are available in the account. Overdraft and non-sufficient fund (NSF) rules apply.


If the member authorizes the payment and the start date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will settle the next business day.


To cancel a pending transaction, we must receive your request to cancel prior to 12 pm ET on the scheduled transfer date.


To cancel your transaction request, select the ‘Transfers and Payments’ tab in Online Banking and in the drop-down menu click ‘Online Activity’. To the right of your scheduled transaction, select the ⋮ and from the drop-down menu click ‘Cancel’.


During the first 60 days of Online Banking enrollment, a new account will be able to originate the initial funding of their account up to $1,000. After this time, the maximum amount for Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit/debit per request is $2,500.


Funds are transferred by Automated Clearing House (ACH).


You will need to contact the other financial institution to verify and confirm the information required for completing the transfer request.


  1. The name of the financial institution
  2. The 9-digit routing number of the financial institution
  3. Your account number and account type at the financial institution Funds can only be withdrawn from a savings or checking account. Image below: reference where to find your 9-digit routing number and your account number.


an image of a check

To transfer to and from an external account, you will first need to verify your external account by completing the following steps:

  1. Add External Account. In Online Banking, go to the 'Services' tab and select 'Add External Account'. Enter your external account information and click Submit. Two micro-deposits will be made into the account that you have entered. You should typically see these within five business days.
  2. Verify External Account. Once you have received your deposits, log in to Online Banking and verify your account. Go to the 'Services' tab and select 'Verify External Account Requests'. Select the account you would like to verify and enter the amounts of the two micro-deposits. Click Submit.

Please note, if the account is not verified within 10 days the request will expire.

Once Initial Setup is complete, to transfer money to or from an external account, go to the ‘Transfers and Payments’ tab and select ‘Funds Transfer’. Your external account will be available in the drop-down.