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Digital Wallet

Securely store and use your cards on your mobile device to make purchases online, in-app or in-store. Making digital payments is safe, convenient and doesn't require you to get out your physical card.

A Secure and Touch-Free Way to Pay

Digital wallet is a safe way to shop and offers better protection than your physical wallet and card.

  • Protection from data breaches: When you pay with digital wallet, the vendor only receives a single-use code – not your card number or security code – so even if the vendor was hacked, your card wouldn’t be compromised.
  • Security when your card is lost: Your phone’s password authentication or fingerprint/facial recognition adds another level of protection. If your phone is lost or stolen, your digital wallet can’t be used, unlike if you lose your wallet containing your actual card.
  • Touchless payments: Checkout with a simple tap of your mobile device and avoid dirty keypads or handing your card to another person.

Keep in mind, when you use your Georgia United card with digital wallet, you still have the same benefits and fraud protection that you have when you use your physical card to check out.

Add Your Card to Digital Wallet

Linking your Georgia United Debit or Credit Card to your digital wallet can be done in a few easy steps. Select the service that is supported by your device for more details:

Apple Pay

Add your card to the Apple devices you use every day like your iPhone or iPad and conveniently pay online or in-store.

Google Pay

Available on Android devices, Google Pay makes it easy to check out quickly within your favorite apps and websites.

Samsung Pay

Carry your card on your Samsung device and make contactless payments in-person, in-app or online.

Visa Checkout

Check out online quickly. With Visa Checkout, your card and shipping information is securely stored so you can conveniently and safely make purchases.

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