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Five Questions With Georgia United Credit Union's Top Hiring Officer

Fostering an inclusive environment that encourages relationship building, Georgia United is always looking for talent to uphold the organization’s purpose of enriching lives and fulfilling its mission to serve. 

Representing various career levels, there are open positions across the organization, including technology, compliance, retail, lending, marketing, human resources and operations. 

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For insights on these available positions, our hiring process, work culture and benefits, here are excerpts from a recent question-and-answer session with Mindi Greenland, Georgia United’s vice president of people and engagement services. 

Q. Why is Georgia United a great place to work? 

A. We have a trusted leadership team that believes in our shared strength: looking out for one another is not just the right way, but the only way.  We offer competitive salaries and performance-based rewards, affordable benefits, a great work-life balance and a caring company culture that drives us. We truly embrace the belief that our work is meaningful, and we regularly put together cross functional teams to challenge our team members to work together on various projects, solve problems and reach their potential. We empower our team to be involved in decision making and encourage innovation because the ideas of our team members are important and valued by the organization. We have a diverse group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, and we celebrate this diversity both on our teams and in the communities we serve. We have a wide variety of positions available that offer a rewarding career. There is no better time like the present to find your passion, make a positive impact on the community and immerse yourself in a great company culture. 

Q. What advice do you have for potential applicants that don’t have experience within the financial sector? 

A. You should look for a more universal type of position rather than a niche position. If you are interested in finance from the perspective of helping the consumer, then a retail position is a great way to start.  We will hire tellers without customer service experience if they have a great attitude, and they have a great willingness to serve people, and if their mission aligns with our mission to be of service to people.  If you are interested in working in finance but not necessarily member-facing, there are other positions available in operations or in marketing, for example. There are other back-office support positions available for people that want to work in the industry but not necessarily be on the front lines interacting with our members.  

Q. What is Georgia United's culture like? 

A. We have fun at work. Our teams spend upwards of eight hours per day with each other and it’s important that we make room to celebrate and enjoy our time together. Whether it’s taking time to just have a non-work-related conversation, or gathering for socials, hosting a light-hearted contest, or organizing competitions, incorporating a little humor in our day through chat boards, we are always infusing a little fun in the workplace. 

Q. What are some general tips for applicants who are invited to interview? 

A. I recommend using the time spent with our hiring team to showcase your talents. Ask us questions about your potential work environment and opportunities to grow. We believe in giving back to our communities and look for team members who will volunteer in our community-based initiatives and take advantage of the three paid volunteer days we offer each calendar year. Come prepared to discuss what we are doing in the community and how you can support these efforts. Search #GUCUcares across social media platforms to see how our team is serving our local communities. And be sure to ask us about flexible work environments, benefits and wellness programs that we offer to support our teams. 

Q. How long does the average hiring process take at Georgia United? 

A. Our goal is to fill our positions with great talent as quickly as possible and realistically speaking, after the interview process, hiring decisions are usually made within five business days. Once an application is submitted online, we will connect with qualified candidates within one week and usually within just a day or so. The initial screening process should take about an hour, then candidates meeting all the qualifications are passed to hiring managers for review. Interviews are scheduled following this review and hiring decisions are made as promptly as feasible. Once hired, a new team member will spend three days at our corporate office in Duluth for orientation to learn about our culture, expectations, things they need to know and meeting our leadership, before they begin their new role. 


NOTE: All positions require applicants to be at least 18, and there is a mix of hybrid and on-site work available.