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Auto Assistance Makes Car Buying a Breeze for Members

Ruby Davis’s niece in South Carolina totaled her car and needed new wheels fast. But the busy mother of three lacked the resources to secure a replacement vehicle quickly. 

In stepped Davis with a plan. 

She immediately contacted Tywone Thomas with Georgia United’s complimentary vehicle concierge service, Auto Assistance. 

“I told him that I needed to give my niece my car ASAP and buy a car for myself, ASAP as well,” said Davis, a Georgia United member for more than 25 years who had previously used Auto Assistance. 

Davis is one of a growing number of Georgia United members taking advantage of a sweet member perk that takes the hassle out of finding and purchasing a vehicle. At no charge to members, Auto Assistance makes life easier by sweating the small – and the big – stuff. 

“We’re like a real estate agent for car shopping,” said Thomas. “And it doesn’t matter to us if you buy a Toyota or a Honda or whatever, because we’re not selling you the car, we’re selling you service.” 

Davis, for one, is sold on the service, especially the convenience. 

While trying to line up a new car for her niece, Davis was also busy leading and planning a hiking group expedition, so she had no time to visit a dealership to look for a car.  

“Tywone called me the next day with information on three Toyotas,” said Davis. “I happily chose the blue 2024 Toyota Corolla and Tywone agreed that it was a wise decision. Having the Toyota delivered to me was the icing on the cake.” 


How does it work? 

To get started, go to and browse the online AutoMall for your next ride, or call 800.284.5173 to discuss with the Auto Assistance team what you’re looking for. 

When you find a vehicle that you’re interested in, fill out the online request form that will match you with a member of the Auto Assistance team who will contact you. 

From there, a representative will walk you through the process each step of the way. 

“You have individual personalized attention with your representative, and you can run ideas by us, and we will help you think through those scenarios and figure them out,” said Thomas. 

When you auto shop alone, you might not get the maximum value on your trade in, while spending precious hours at the dealership and possibly overpaying for the vehicle of your choice. 

By contrast, Auto Assistance reps will play detective for you and dive into the background of the vehicle that you identify and check the retail values to negotiate the price down to make sure that members do not overpay, Thomas said. 

His team will review the CarFax report with you. 

 “That's our goal and also to help you understand, rather than going off of a feeling, to really use the data to understand is this a good deal or this is not a good deal,” he said. 

 Auto Assistance will also: 

Handle all communications with the dealer. 

Work with your Georgia United loan officer to make financing easy. 

Coordinate vehicle delivery to your Georgia United branch, place of business or home. 

 Is it really free to Georgia United members? 

Yes, Auto Assistance is paid a small marketing fee if your purchase is made through its network of dealerships and this fee is never added to any advertised vehicle price. 


Davis found out about Auto Assistance from being a Georgia United member and purchased a 2016 Toyota Corolla in 2016 with help from Thomas. 

 “I will recommend Auto Assistance to other members because it is stress free and haggle free,” she said.  “It was quick and easy to apply for the loan with Georgia United and Auto Assistance quickly found the vehicle and I really enjoyed the friendly and convenient delivery service to my local library.” 

 In a recent five-star Google review Georgia United member Natalie Bamford praised the Auto Assistance team and Member Auto Representative Dottie Eberhardt.

"Dottie was fantastic - from helping us find the right car for my family to helping arrange a delivery that’s close to home!!" she wrote. "10/10 will recommend to everyone I can!"