• Digital Wallet

Want More Ways to Access Your Georgia United Credit Card or Debit Card? 

Upload a digital version of your Georgia United Credit or Debit Card to your compatible device(s) and make secure online or mobile payments when you shop.

You can still use and carry your traditional plastic credit and debit cards as you do now, but you have more options when it comes to payment methods. Plus, you’ll enjoy the same rewards, benefits and security that your Georgia United Credit and Debit Cards provide no matter what platform you use!

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet refers to the storage and use of cards through digital means. You are using your digital wallet when making an electronic payment with your smartphone, mobile device or online as opposed to your plastic card at checkout.

Upload your card today! Georgia United Credit and Debit Cards are compatible with the following:


Apple Pay
Samsung Page  Visa Checkout