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Kick-start High Earning With Your Tax Return

Did Uncle Sam send you a sizable tax return, but you are wary of going on a spending spree – or letting it sit in a low interest account not living up to its earning potential? 

Or maybe you already have extra funds sitting in an account that’s collecting dust or stashed insecurely in a shoebox under the bed? Or even worse, losing value because of account maintenance fees or other service charges? 

Ditch those low performing, fee-ridden accounts for Georgia United’s High Earning Savings Account featuring returns that crush the national average for savings accounts, depending upon the amount you have in savings.

Don’t leave money on the table. You can get started on building an easy-to-access emergency fund – and a tax refund can be a perfect kick-starter. 

Georgia United’s new high-yield savings product is designed to help members build wealth securely and flexibly. 


No matter the amount initially invested in opening a Georgia United High Earning Savings Account, you can advance into more earning potential the more you save.  And your investment can be made with the peace of mind that up to $250,000 of your money is insured by the NCUA ( National Credit Union Administration).

Similar to the safety net provided by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) which insures deposits at banks, the NCUA is an independent federal agency created in 1970 that regulates federal credit unions and insures deposits at federally insured credit unions, including Georgia United. Read more about the safety of member account funds

“It means that despite the volatile and constantly changing market conditions, you can be sure that your money is safe with Georgia United and you will have access to it,” said Georgia United Director of Product Management John Garrett. 

Furthermore, as detailed in Georgia United's most recent Annual Report, the credit union's financial position is strong with record earnings posted in 2022 while the organization is also well above the required threshold to be considered well capitalized.


And part of feeling financially secure is creating and building an emergency fund that can be drawn from when life takes those unexpected turns. Georgia United’s High Earning Savings Account is the perfect account to establish your emergency fund. 


Because of its flexibility.  

“What the High Earning Savings Account is offering is the elevated rate of a CD (Certificate of Deposit) without the same restrictions on withdrawals or deposits because you can continue to add any amount of money to our High Earning Savings Accounts,” said Garrett. 

That means your money is accessible 24/7 via Georgia United’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking, with up to two free withdrawals per month. And this is extremely important when an emergency arises, and you need to transfer funds from your High Earning Savings Account to another account.  

Also, deposits are unlimited – and this is key for wealth building because the higher your account balance, the more money it will earn.  

Keeping money accessible while also earning some interest makes the High Earning Savings Account a great place to establish and grow your emergency fund. And it is another signature benefit of Georgia United membership to go along with low loan rates, upgraded Online Banking and Mobile Banking App platforms, new interactive ATM+ stations, exclusive discounts on shopping and services, and impactful community service programs. 

Complete an easy online application or schedule an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable Georgia United team member for more information.