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  • Financial Calculators

    Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators 

The tools you need to meet your goals. Find the right calculator to plan for the future and help manage your money.

Stimulus Check Calculator 

Stimulus Check Calculator
This calculator will show you how much you can expect to receive, if anything, in your stimulus check.

Savings & Retirement  

50/30/20 Calculator
For a person who is looking for one simple budgeting formula, try setting aside 50% of income for needs, 30% for wants and 20% for savings.

Budget Calculator
Determine how much you are saving or spending based on monthly or annual expenses. 

Savings Calculator
See how consistent investing can be an effective strategy for accumulating wealth.

Emergency Fund Calculator

Generate an emergency fund savings goal based on income.

Retirement Calculator
See how much you should be saving in order to enjoy the standard of living you want when you retire. 

Simple vs. Compound Interest
Explore the differences between simple and compound interest and how they affect your principal. 

Assest Depreciation Calculator

Calculate the worth of assets using the straight line depreciation formula, adjusting for initial purchase price, salvage value, and life of asset.


Auto Loan Refinance Calculator (Term)
See how refinancing can help you pay off your auto loan early and save on interest! 

Monthly Payment Auto Loan Refinance Calculator 

See how refinancing can help you reduce your monthly payment and how much the refinanced loan will cost over time.

Credit Card Payoff
Explore what it would take to payoff your credit card.

Generic Loan Payoff Calculator

Shows how much money can be saved in interest by adding additional principal to a monthly payment.

Student Loan Payoff Calculator 
Demonstrates how much money and time can be saved by paying down student loans faster. 

Home & Mortgage

Home Loan Rate Calculator  
Calculate estimated home loan rates (excluding Second Mortgages and land/lot loans).  

Cost of Living Calculator 
Compare average costs of living between cities and states. 

Mortgage Calculator
Estimate a monthly payment on a mortgage, see how much your mortgage will cost over time and estimate your mortgage payoff date. 

Mortgage Affordability Calculator 
Estimate the home price you can afford.

Mortgage Comparison Tool
Summarizes the pros and cons of each mortgage type.