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Financial Building Basics

Financial Building Basics

Intro to Credit Webinar

Learn the importance of maintaining good credit, how to establish or repair your credit history, what shows on a credit report and the components of a credit score. Watch Now.

Finance for Teens Webinar

In this short webinar, teenagers will learn how to: set financial goals, pay yourself first, grow your money, establish a good credit history, write a check and protect yourself from identity theft. Watch Now.

The Credit Union Difference Webinar

Credit Unions are so much more than a bank. Learn about the credit union difference and what Georgia United Credit Union can do for you. Watch Now.

Loan Refinancing Basics

While mortgage loans may be most commonly refinanced, you can find refinancing options for auto, personal and student loans. Read More.

Is My Money Safe

Your money is safe with Georgia United and federally insured by the NCUA. Read More.

Check Writing 101 Read More.

Budgeting Basics Read More.

Student Loans and Taxes Read More

Savings Accounts  Read More.


Career & Family Building Years

Career and Family Building Years

Financial Preparedness Webinar

You can't predict when an emergency will occur but you can prepare for one. Learn budgeting tips, how your credit score can impact your finances and helpful tools to safely manage your money. Watch Now.

Finance for Parents Webinar

It's never too early to teach children money management skills. Learn practical ways to introduce children to the basics of spending, saving and goal setting. Watch Now.

Teaching the Value of a Dollar Webinar

Discover what motivates children to learn about money management, the importance of saving at an early age and six useful teaching tools. Watch Now.

Finance for Kids Webinar

In this webinar, children will learn about bank accounts, how to set goals for your money and how to make your money grow. Watch Now.

Managing Finances in a Crisis

Steps to take if you can’t afford your monthly debt payments. Read More. 

Teaching Children About Money Read More.

Preparing for Emergencies Read More. 

Homeowner Tax Deductions Read More. 

Your Tax Questions Answered Read More.

Credit Scores Read More.

Life After Work 

Life After Work

Managing a Financial Hardship Webinar

Learn tips for managing your finances during a hardship including: budgeting, prioritizing spending, refinancing and protecting your credit. Watch Now

Travel During COVID-19

Helpful advice if your travel plans have been impacted by COVID-19. Read More.

Financial Emergency Kit

Creating a financial emergency kit can help you and your loved ones in times of crisis. Read More.

Economic Impact Payment Guide

What you need to know about the Economic Impact Payment. Read More

Meet Your 401(k)

Get a head start on your financial future by contributing to an employer sponsored savings plan. Read More.

Transitioning to Retirement

There are a few critical factors to consider before retiring. Read More. 

Privacy and Security

Identity Theft Prevention Webinar

Learn how to prevent identity theft, examples of current scams and steps to take if your identity has been stolen. Watch Now.

6 Ways to Protect Your Data and Devices

Six tips to help keep your personal and business data safe from fraudsters while traveling. Learn More

Tips to Avoid Utility Scams

Don't fall for fraudsters trying to take your money through utility scams. Read More.

Avoid Coronavirus Scams 

Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic. Learn how to keep the scammers at bay. Read More.

Go Green With E-Statements Read More.

Identity Theft Warning Signs Read More. 

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. 

Safeguard Your Wallet  Read More.